Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery - Heavy Wrecker Service Bloomington IN

Heavy Wrecker Towing and RecoveryMedium and Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery is one of our specialties.
Our heavy wreckers are equipped with special tools for every job we encounter.
Many commercial clients depend on Bland’s Heavy wreckers to keep their trucks rolling. Assistance for accidents, rollovers, winch outs, breakdowns and general transportation is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When you have an accident or breakdown and law enforcement is on the scene, all you have to do is request Bland’s. An OR (Owners Request) requires Law Enforcement to dispatch the company of your choice

Heavy Wrecker Towing and RecoveryIf you need Heavy Roadside Assistance call us at 812-336-0398. Our heavy wrecker fleet includes:

  • Medium Duty Wrecker
  • 30 Ton Heavy Duty Wrecker Bloomington IN based
  • 45 Ton Heavy Duty Wrecker and Towing Bloomington IN based
  • Landoll Trailer for Equipment Transport
  • Bobcat for Accident Scene Clean Up
  • Semi Trailers for Load Transfer and Clean Up
  • 2 Heavy Fleet/Roadside Service Trucks
  • Bulldozer for Extreme & Off Road Recovery
  • 24/7/365 Live Dispatch for Bloomington and Monroe County Indiana

Heavy Wrecker Towing and Recovery We have the tools and the staff to complete every type of towing or recovery operation call that comes into our 24 hour dispatch center. Cars & trucks, tractors & construction equipment, forklifts, box trucks, fleet vehicles, semis, buses, RV’s, motorcycles, construction trailers; if it needs moved Bland’s Towing and Recovery, LLC can get the job done. Click here to see a photo gallery of our heavy wrecker towing and recovery teams on the job.





To the right is an underwater recovery of a tri-axle
dump truck. Click here to see a photo gallery of our heavy duty towing and recovery teams on the job.