Accident Scene Assistance

Police on the scene waiting for towing"We meet by accident" is an old tag line often seen on tow truck advertising. No one wants to be in an accident and we hope that you never need us for this service. If you do have an accident please remember that Law Enforcement and Emergency responders will dispatch Bland's to the accident location if you request us. Just tell the Officer you would like Bland's. Of course you can simply call us yourself if you have access to a cell phone at 812-323-7377 or visit our mobile web site on your smart phone at

In the unfortunate event that you do need accident assistance, Bland's is the best prepared and most thoroughly equipped Towing and Recovery Company in Monroe county and all of South Central Indiana. Our fleet is complex with special recovery vehicles in every class from light to heavy duty. We have tractors and trailers for load transfer and equipment recovery. We have special equipment for complex clean-up of accident scenes including Bobcats and roll-off trucks. We even have a large bulldozer that we use for off road and difficult access recoveries due to flooding, snow or inaccessible terrain. We can effectively handle simple fender benders and slide offs to complex multi-vehicle or heavy truck accidents.

In 2011 our drivers have attended special recovery training from proper winching techniques to the recovery of complex rollovers and heavy vehicles and equipment. Our professional staff knows their equipment and the techniques needed to professionally work an accident scene.

When we get you loaded your vehicle will go to the destination of your choice or Law Enforcement may direct it back to our shop. When your vehicle comes back to our facility it is stored safely and securely inside our building until your insurance company can get an adjuster on site and final decisions can be made on repairs. At that time the vehicle can be transferred to a body shop or repair facility recognized by your insurance company.

Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders need to remember Bland's outside of normal rotation for extreme recoveries and heavy accident assistance. We have live dispatch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We always answer our phones. Our capabilities are diverse and our equipment is ready to go. Our fleet size makes us the perfect candidate for overflow and times when other companies aren't available on rotation.